About Us

The North Side Learning Center (NSLC) was founded in 2009 and exists to aid in adult and youth literacy development, and to be instrumental in teaching self-sufficiency and self-actualization to newcomers in our community. Students come from dozens of countries around the world. Beyond the core of teaching English to adults and providing academic support to their children, additional programs are offered as resources allow.

These have included sewing classes, digital and financial literacy, soccer, photography, and college prep to name a few. Volunteers from Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, and the general community allow NSLC to provide these enhanced classes and to provide individualized,constructive teaching. Services are provided to over 150 students annually - from ages four to eighty-four. What makes the North Side Learning Center unique - and successful - is its approach: start with where people are; respect their experiences and abilities; and teach what they want and need to learn .


The mission of North Side Learning Center is to aid in adult and youth literacy development, and to be instrumental in teaching self-sufficiency and self-actualization to newcomers in our community.


The vision of North Side Learning Center is to be an example for constructive neighborhood development, community bridge building and empowerment through education on the north side of Syracuse, New York.

Our core values

We understand the value of investing in our future by investing in the parents, who, if empowered, will empower their children, who are the future of our world. Our children deserve our very best, and we have a large responsibility to motivate, inspire and empower the parents with education and knowledge. What we do every day matters, and we hold ourselves accountable for living out our Core Values with children, families, and clients we serve, as well as with each other. These values are the heart of what we do.

  • N - Neighborly Love and Respect
  • S - Solidarity
  • L - Loyalty
  • C – Compassion

Personal Info

    • (315) 378 - 4825
    • North Side Leader Center, 501 Park Street, Syracuse NY 13203
    • [email protected]

North Side Learning Center Board of Directors


  • Dr. Yusuf Soule, Board President Coordinator of the OnCampus Program of the Syracuse City School District at Syracuse University
  • Michele Abdul-Sabur, Vice President Retired – Parent Advocate and Facilitator of the Parent Partnership Network at the Syracuse City School District
  • Mirza Tihic, Board Secretary Assistant Director - Syracuse University Office of the Vice Chancellor for Veterans and Military Affairs
  • Esmir Omerovic, Board Treasurer Licensed Real Estate Broker at Loft & Manor Real Estate


  • Abdulilah Al-Dubai Syracuse City School District Teacher at PSLA at Fowler H.S.
  • Priscilla Dhafir Teacher at Ihsan School of Excellence
  • Brice Nordquist Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Syracuse University


"Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali

Being part of a successful team is a blessing, and a successful team is one that is made up of people who are always looking forward to the pursuit of their goals. We believe that we are more than successful team because we are surrounded by friends and partners who have always focused on the goal and are ready to find a solution to all the obstacles faced.

It's a recipe for success, but always when we remember the successful completion of the activities carried out with the help of our partners with great pleasure that we say that we are proud to be a part of a successful story that make up the North Side Learning Center with its partners. We want to thank you all for your generous participation and commitment in the implementation of our joint activities and we hope that we will continue to be part of our successful story.


If you have any questions about our projects, or anything connected to us, feel free to contact us!

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